Janine Civitate

Janine Civitate

Policy Specialist: Community and Network Management - United Nations Development Programme

Janine works as a Policy Specialist in the Knowledge Management team at the United Nation’s Development Programme in New York. UNDP’s Knowledge Management agenda aims to transform individual knowledge into organizational learning. Janine’s focus within this agenda is on integrating knowledge and lessons sharing and capture into the internal business processes throughout the organization, paying particular attention to supporting communities of practice and knowledge networking.

Enabling Collaboration (Literally) Around The World: Office 365 Awareness and Adoption Campaign for a Truly Global Organization

Running an awareness and adoption campaign for Office 365 for an organization that is active in over 170 countries and territories around the world is no small undertaking – especially when you are on a non-profit budget. Janine and Lucy will share their hands-on experience and the results achieved in promoting the tools for collaboration […]

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