Jon May

Jon May

Communications Manager - University of Westminster Students' Union

Jon is a former journalist and media trainer, having moved into university communications. Having had some web development experience, Jon’s intranet project for the University of Westminster SU was conceived, built and deployed by a team-of-one, and tested by his 82-year-old grandmother.

Having won the StepTwo Intranet & Digital Workplace Award, Jon is now working on bringing internal communications to a franchise of human resource advisors based across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Intranets and digital workplaces being Jon’s passion, he thinks the future lies in chatbots and anything that makes the users life easier.

Using Small Tools to Make Big Change

Having a shoestring budget might be a barrier, but using WordPress and some free and low-cost tools can really help built a pilot and starter intranet. Jon built an intranet that saw internal employment engagement stats go through the roof, while delivering the whole project for less than €500. Small tools can drive the biggest […]

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