Martin Stubbs-Partridge

Martin Stubbs-Partridge

Stakeholder Officer - Scottish Natural Heritage

Having managed retail businesses for 16 years I’m focussed on meetings people’s needs.

In 2007 I joined Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to help the government agency become more customer centric. Early projects included designing a CRM, improving the complaints procedure and eastablishing a customer/stakeholder insight programme.

In 2013 I took over the intranet project; went back to first principles and developed a 3 year plan. The project has changed my career and led me to embrace user first principles and Agile working.

Intranets are undervalued and mis-understood. I’m on a mission to tell a different story – beginning with business benefits!

Business Case: Don’t Start Without One!

Navigating internal politics and wading through mounds of strategic dependencies isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t expect it’s yours either! Capturing the benefits and dis-benefit for your project is good practice and will ultimately lead to success. During the session I’ll share my own journey from vision to measures, strategy, business case and onto implementation! […]

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