A human-centred approach to intranets: how to build something your colleagues will love

Room: Denmark

Intranets are rarely loved – but at Wellcome (a global health foundation based in London) the team have built a product with amazing levels of engagement and deep-felt affection.

Find out how their award-winning intranet has helped make Wellcome a more caring, connected and human place to work.

The intranet is built on Drupal and they were one of the 10 best Nielsen Norman intranets of 2020

Key takeaways:

– Why intranets should be treated as products not projects

– Why sometimes it is better to build than buy

– How to give everyone in your organization a voice

– The importance of creating a space for people to be vulnerable

About Wellcome

Wellcome Trust (UK), a health organization that supports researchers, campaigns for better science, and exists to improve health “Give users a sense of community and a clear picture of Wellcome, how it fits together, and how it achieves its vision; help users connect to colleagues and feel valued, appreciated, and heard.“

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