Keynote: A momentous opportunity to transform Employee Experience

Main Room

As organizations enter 2021 they will be seeking to determine what their near-future employee experience will become. This session explores a range of compelling possibilities to consider as key investments in a more-digital, post-COVID employee experience. From culture shifts and new methods of working to groundbreaking new digital tools and accelerating aids, vignettes of the future of work will be explored using the latest data, case examples, and industry stories. Attendees will take away a clear sense of the art-of-the-possible that they can bring to their organizations to propel them through the major transformation of work ahead of them.


Key takeaways

• The key enablers and obstacles to improving work in today’s organizations
• The specific technologies, tools, and techniques that can provide improvements to work
• The kinds of changes organizations will need to make to evolve into the future
• Key methods to bring about the transformation of work

This session will be recorded and made available for the participants.

Adoption and Change Management Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Intranet and Digital Workplace