Case study: Fostering a culture of learning to accelerate the knowledge supply chain

Main Room

Who gets to ask “dumb” questions in your organization? Who feels comfortable saying “I don’t know” in a large meeting? Who is confident trying something weird?

These are all examples of great learning opportunities – and things that happen infrequently in daily work. How do you shift from a “Know-it-all” culture to a “Learn-it-all” culture? It’s a complex challenge that requires a shift in mindset, strategy, leadership, and governance.

The Microsoft Hardware Group accepted this challenge and invested in a Culture of Learning program charged with leading this shift. The CoL Program goals include strengthening collaborative networks, democratizing expertise and knowledge sharing, and empowering employees in ways that amplify a sense of belonging.

In this session, Rachel will share how Microsoft Hardware’s CoL Program designed, developed, and implemented its cultural change initiative using traditional community of practice network as a springboard. It will be followed by a conversation with Nadia Huda, Microsoft Hardware’s CoL Program Lead.

Key takeaways: 

  • – Structuring a workplace collaboration and culture change program.
  • – Developing a collaborative, shared ownership strategy.
  • – Defining stakeholder engagement plans and processes.
  • – Challenges and opportunities of working across business units to change the way a 40,000-person organization works.


This session will be recorded and made available for the participants in our online community.

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