Content design for communicators and publishers

Room: Iceland

The UI isn’t the UX, and so ‘the intranet’ or ‘the app’ isn’t the entirety of the digital employee experience – relevant content is a massive draw, so when the content disappoints, people are dissatisfied with the whole system.

– We’re publishing too much gumph.
We’re publishing details that we imagine are useful to colleagues.
– We’re publishing stuff because a stakeholder wants it ‘out there’. 

Here’s how to start with people’s needs before you draft a page; here’s how to put research into your Content Ops (Operations) to ensure your content is useful, usable, and used. Prove the worth of your content; design it with employees. 

Key takeaways: 

– How to discover what people really want to know about the topic;
– How to involve subject-matter experts (SMEs) and remain in control of style, presentation, and impact.
– Increase the relevancy, usefulness, and value of your reference material and news

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