Workshop: How to get top management support with a compelling Business Case

Room: Copenhagen

It goes without saying that it’s impossible to deliver a great intranet or digital workplace without money, resources and time. While many organisations are back into a ‘growth mode’, projects still have to compete against everything else that’s happening.

As the focus gets broader, from intranets, to digital workplaces and ultimately digital employee experiences, it becomes even more important to build a compelling case for change.

This practical half-day workshop will explore approaches and options for creating a compelling business case, drawing on Step Two’s 20+ years of experience in this space, as well as the shared knowledge of everyone in the workshop.

What will be covered:
– Framework for planning and creating a compelling business case.
– Group activities to explore business case options.
– Targeted activities that will give you a chance to start shaping your own business case.
– Lead by James Robertson, a perennial innovator in this space, the session will both inspire and inform.

Adoption and Change Management Business Case DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Non-Office 365 and SharePoint