Creating truly ONE COMPANY with MyVestas

Generel Room

The introduction of the MyVestas app in Vestas is more than just introducing a digital communications channel to production employees that do not even have a company phone and that are not exactly spoiled with possibilities for involvement and dialogue.

It’s also about paving the way for more digitalization of production, for global standards and for lifting the management skills in “posting with power” and showing digital leadership. And along the way, the culture on the shopfloor just might be challenged and changed a bit.

Key takeaways: 

  • – MyVestas – an app for communication, dialogue, training and for accessing tools needed in the everyday work life.
  • – How to enable managers to take ownership and excel leadership in enterprise social media
  • – How to pave the way for global processes and more digitalization in production – whilst balancing local needs.
Adoption and Change Management DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Enterprise Social Network Internal Communications Intranet and Digital Workplace Mobile/Apps