Designing an award-winning intranet

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In 2020, Barclays’ intranet was named one on the year’s 10 Best Intranets by the Nielsen Norman Group, leading experts in user experience. Barclays Now, the intranet for Barclays’ colleagues, has also won 3 other awards after its redesign in 2019. We would like to share the story of how we designed our intranet site and app to meet the needs of 80,000 colleagues in varied roles, based across 50 countries.

Key takeaways

  • • Be clear on the purpose and goals for your intranet
  • • Carefully consider your mobile solution
  • • Research is fundamental
  • • Accessibility is non-negotiable
  • • Prepare everyone for the launch
  • • Provide a feedback channel and take action on the feedback
  • • Continuous improvement is essential


Award-winning intranet 

Barclays’ intranet won a Nielsen Norman Group award for one of the 2020’s Best Intranets.


This session will be recorded and made available for the participants in our online community.

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