Enabling new ways of collaboration with the Working Out Loud Guided Mastery Program

Room: Oslo

Have you asked yourself, how to enable your associates for new ways of collaboration? Have you recognized, that tool trainings are simply not enough? And do you believe that the key for Digital Transformation are connected people with digital skills and mindset? Then you should have a closer look at Working Out Loud (WOL) as a capability and the WOL guided mastery program as enabling method. Within this session you’ll get insights on the why, what and how of Working Out Loud and how the Bosch Group is using it.


Key takeaways:


– Get to know what “Working Out Loud (WOL)” means and how the program works

– Understand why the program is that powerful and why it is spreading across a lot of German companies

– Get insights on how the Bosch Group is doing WOL

– Understand the value added of the WOL guided mastery program

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