Evolving our internal digital ecosystem and ways of working for outstanding user and editorial experiences

Main Room

How are we constantly evolving our internal digital ecosystem and our ways of working to improve user and editorial experiences?

From launching a new Intranet in 2022, rolling out a revamped digital signage solution in 2023, and soon upgrading our mobile app for colleagues in factories and warehouses, we are always looking at new ways of reaching and engaging employees with key corporate messages.

Key takeaways:

  • – Change management as a key enabler
  • – A new Intranet approach doubling the usage and tripling the time spent
  • – Creating personalised digital signage powered by the Intranet and Microsoft 365
  • – Our mobile app for colleagues in factories and warehouses – today and in the future


This session will be recorded and made available in a closed community for the attendees after the event.

Adoption and Change Management Business Case DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Governance Intranet and Digital Workplace Mobile/Apps Usability