Is AI in the digital workplace a solution to employee dissatisfaction with search?

Main Room

For over two decades surveys (including from IntraTeam) have indicated that only in 1 out of 5 organisations does enterprise search deliver a highly satisfactory experience. The promise of search vendors is that AI-based solutions will deliver significant search improvements in a digital workplace. This session considers if this is going to be the case or is just marketing hype, and how your organisation should plan for an AI-based future.

Key takeaways:

  • – The three core reasons why enterprise search performance continues to be less than satisfactory
  • – The benefits that AI-based technology could bring to enterprise search in a digital workplace
  • – The current limitations of AI-based technology
  • – Will the benefits outweigh the risks?


This session will be recorded and made available in a closed community for the attendees after the event.

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