Knowledge Management and Project “Cortex” in Office 365 – A practical overview

Main Room

Content Services is a core offering for Microsoft in Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint. It is the “next wave of ECM”, always people-centric, supporting organizational knowledge management information lifecycle, record retention, etc. by various new, modern features. Project “Cortex” takes this vision to a next level: with its advanced functionality creating your organization’s knowledge network becomes easier than ever. SharePoint Syntex is the first feature of Project Cortex.

During this session, Agnes overviews and demonstrates SharePoint Syntex’s features (and also others if released prior the conference). She helps you understand what to use when to help your users to find and use all the content and knowledge your organization has, and also where are the gaps and primary challenges that you have to address.

This session will be recorded and made available for the participants in our online community.

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