Make better digital workplace decisions: A tool based on business strategy

That point where your business strategy intersects with your digital workplace strategy can serve as a crucial decision tool. It’s that crossroads that enlightens both large and smaller day-to-day decisions.

Bring your business strategy material (e.g., mission, vision, goals, values, objectives) to get the most this interactive experience. See examples of what other organizations have created and get a copy of the tool. Most important, you’ll return to the office with a tool already drafted. Whether your focus is internal or external communications, this session is for you.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of how to:

– Make the connections between your organization’s business strategy and digital workplace strategy
– Draft a decision tool for your digital workplace
– Use results to prioritize digital workplace improvements

Warning: This session is highly interactive!

Intranet / Digital Workplace Non-Office 365 & SharePoint