Round table discussion: How can you measure collaboration?

Round table

You’ve probably heard the Drucker quote: “What gets measured gets managed”.
So if you want to manage (and improve) collaboration how do you measure it? Come to our roundtable and let’s unpack the many ways we are all measuring collaboration and explore what we’re then doing with those measurements.

Oh, and did you know the full quote is actually: “What gets measured gets managed – even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and even if it harms the purpose of the organization to do so.” So, are you measuring the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons? Plenty for us to discuss right? Come join the conversation.

Questions to discuss:

  • – How are you currently measuring collaboration?
  • – What are you doing with your measurement?
  • – What is working well in terms of measuring collaboration?
  • – What are the big gaps / opportunities for measuring collaboration?


Key takeaways: 

  • – Explore ways to measure, manage and improve collaboration in your organisation
  • – Hear how peers in other organisations are measuring collaboration


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