Round table – How to feel less overwhelmed in the workplace

Round table Room

We’re all hybrid now! And with the rollout of Teams and collaboration tools on top of your existing channels, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – your inboxes have inboxes, there’s seemingly no limit on how many meetings one can take part in, and it can feel impossible to get on top of it all! Join me to talk practical tips – and share your challenges in a safe space!

Questions to discuss:

  • 1. How can we maintain that feeling of connection with our colleagues when we’re not co-located?
  • 2. What can we do in MS Teams to help take control of the noise?
  • 3. How can we use Outlook to better manage everyone’s time?
  • 4. What steps could we take to feel physically more in control of our days?


Key takeaways: 

  • – Practical tips on how to manage your notifications and make MS Teams and Outlook work better for you
  • – An easy to remember breathing exercise that can help you feel grounded
  • – How to have a less stressful day all-round!

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