Round table: Is your workforce AI-ready?

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With at least a third of employees not confident using AI interfaces at work and many more unaware of security risks, organisations need to support AI literacy skills in the workforce. Yet, as few as 2 in 10 may have training in place or coming soon.

Along with the lack of leadership communication of expectations around AI and the absence of formal policies, organisations are exposing themselves to unnecessary risks and potentially falling behind in an AI-first digital world as employees cannot reap the benefits of such tools.

Stats are early findings from Digital Work Research’s Workforce AI Readiness Check.


  • – What skills gaps do you see in the workforce related to AI?
  • – What (if anything) is your organisation doing to support AI literacy?
  • – What are the most critical skills in the AI-powered future of work?
  • – Has your organisation banned the use of generative AI, and if so, what effect is this having?
  • – What (if anything) is your organisation doing to guide employee use of AI (e.g. policy, leadership communication)?


Key takeaways:

  • – As well as facilitating a discussion around the AI-readiness of the workforce, Elizabeth will also share some insights from the Workplace AI Readiness Check tool and a few highlights on how the Digital Workplace Skills Framework supports AI literacy.


This session will NOT be recorded. You can see the other recordings in a closed community for the attendees after the event.

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