Round table – The top digital collaboration habits of highly productive teams

Capital Foyer

The world has changed, but for many people, their online collaboration styles are lagging. This means they are caught up in endless email chains and constant interruptions by chat and back-to-back meetings.

In this session, we explore how highly productive teams have found a different way to get work done without relying on email, chat and meetings.

Questions to discuss:

  • 1. What are some of the alternatives to email for internal collaboration?
  • 2. What type of meetings can be replaced with asynchronous collaboration?
  • 3. What are the strengths and limitations of chat, and how do we contain them?

Key takeaways: 

  • – Within every organisation, you can find teams who have figured out how to collaborate smarter. Find them and replicate
  • – Teams must agree on how they collaborate, or we end up with chaos
  • – Measuring collaboration habits means we can educate people about what good looks like and measure progress
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