Search Applications in Microsoft 365 – When, why and how?

Main Room

Microsoft Search is the out-of-the-box search experience in Microsoft 365, and want it or not: used by everyone in your organization.

However, too often users are (still not) satisfied: relevant documents cannot be found, irrelevant results are being displayed, custom metadata is not taken in to account, and more. This is when the PnP Modern Search library becomes really useful. However, there’s always a tradeoff: there’re features that can be found in Microsoft Search but not in the PnP library, and vice versa.

This session provides a detailed comparison, and as a takeaway, you’ll get a clear and easy-to-understand tradeoff analysis of these two competing search experiences which you can use and instantly present to your colleagues and stakeholders, to be able to make critical search decisions in an early phase.


This session will be recorded and made available for the participants in our online community.

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Search and Findability