On the way to a state of the art Search center at Bayer

Room: Oslo

Efficient information access is an important prerequisite for the success and the freedom of our colleagues. But company search is an enigmatic topic. All companies confront the challenge, but few succeed in implementing a solution that leads to good user ratings.

Bayer performed a three years journey to implement a state of the art Search center which is now coming to its end. None of the less, there are still many open challenges and we see, that company search is a living object. Based on those experiences this presentation will share:

– Lessons learned and obstacles in company search implementation

– Usability – does and don’ts

– Organisational embedment of search monitoring and continuous improvement

– Challenges of Intranet alignment

– Embedment to an holistic Digital assistance program.

This session may be interesting for Information workers, Intranet and Search managers and IT strategists