Social, digital adoption died in 2020. What next?

Main Room

After 15+ years working on change management to accelerate the adoption of social, digital tools, digital transformation teams are finding out, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now unemployed. Literally, everyone has now ‘adopted’ social tools while working distributedly.

So, what next? Should they start looking for a new job? Or perhaps dive into the world of digital adaptation to continue to enable working smarter, not necessarily harder? Join us in this session where we will explore whatever next for social, collaborative technologies post-pandemic.


Key takeaways

  • • Social, Digital Adoption is now dead. Everyone, whether a power user or a newbie, has been using social tools for a whole year. We’re now, finally,
  • • Explore how do we transition from social, digital adoption to digital adaptation.
  • • Understand the key role of governance, emergent business practices, online communities, enablement and data analytics play in this business transformation journey.
  • • Redefine digital leadership in this brave new Social, Digital Era where work anywhere has become the new-normal.


This session will be recorded and made available for the participants in our online community

Adoption and Change Management Business Case Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Enterprise Social Network Internal Communications Intranet and Digital Workplace Knowledge Management Non-Microsoft 365 and SharePoint