Taxonomy design for SharePoint

Room: Finland

SharePoint gives many options for implementing taxonomies or metadata, so many options that it can be confusing to know what to use: search terms, search refinements (facets), navigation labels, column sorting, column filters. Additionally, terms can be managed metadata tags, content types, or enterprise keywords.

This session looks at best practices for designing taxonomies for SharePoint for various purposes including size, the structure into facets, depth of hierarchy, and use of synonyms. It’s important to know how taxonomies function and how users view and interact with the taxonomies, both end-users and those doing the tagging. Examples of SharePoint taxonomy project case study issues will also be presented.

Key takeaways

– The benefits and limitations of taxonomies in SharePoint
– How to make a taxonomy in SharePoint easier to use
– How to support tagging in SharePoint

DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Governance Knowledge Management Office 365 and SharePoint Search and Findability