The Digital Workplace in a media industry where “Change is the New Black”

Room: Denmark

The story of how Sweden’s major broadcaster use a culture of change to boost its digital transformation and develop an award winning intranet and digital workplace where the co-workers themselves create the majority of content.

Constant updates in all aspects of the Employer Experience (EX) combined with a Best of Breed IT strategy are the guiding principles in this never ending agile work.
The aim is to provide the best possible tools for different needs, at a reasonable cost, including easy solutions for sharing knowledge with colleagues, thus generating further innovation and transformation.

Key takeaways:

– The culture and values of the organization need to align with internal comms and intranet strategy
– Best of Breed – using different systems for different needs – is an affordable way to develop a good enough digital workplace
– Moving from good enough to great and award winning takes time
– Agile and baby steps is great for developing both your business and your EX and digital workplace

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