The global intranet journey of ING: take it on and make it happen

Room: Denmark

ING came from far. Over 500 local intranets merged into one, global intranet. However, that’s only the first step towards an ambition to make life easier for its 70k workforce

– What’s ING’s vision on the successor of their ‘One Intranet’? Yes, it’s O365 obviously. But it’s more than that.
– What tools come together in ING’s future ‘Employee Experience Platform’? How is ING leveraging O365, but enhancing the user experience at the same time?
– And what barriers did ING face and how did they overcome them? They have little to do with technical constraints or euros, so what is it about? And what shortcuts did they find?
– And finally: a brief overview of ING’s One Intranet of today, as well as a sneak peak of their integrated experience platform of tomorrow

Key takeaways:

– Insight in ING’s intranet journey so far
– Insight in the key needs of an international workforce of 70k people in 40+ countries
– Insight in ING’s strategy to leverage O365 and optimize the user experience at the same time
– Insight in the main challenges an international financial institution faces when it comes to rolling out a global Digital Workplace
– Insight in how ING is applying an agile approach in new ways of working and collaborating cross disciplines and cross countries

Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Governance Internal Communication Intranet and Digital Workplace Office 365 and SharePoint