The what if intranet

Room: Iceland

Too often we’re building intranets within the limits of the existing CMS and with too much reverence to the executive board. We get only the features the CMS can provide and of course, the corporate news dominates the intranet homepage since the leadership thinks an intranet is a broadcast platform.

But what if we were to build something without constraints? What if we would really listen to the end-user? What if we could treat the intranet as it should be; the business system for general work efficiency?

Welcome to the XCoffee intranet, a concept intranet for Jill, a barista. This intranet helps her excel in her work – to make and serve a really nice latte.

The XCoffee intranet can be used as a case and an example when discussing your own intranet:

– How effective is your intranet in comparison to Jill’s?
– Where do you put the most important content for your primary end-users?
– Does your intranet give tangible work support?
– Do you have the killer features directly on the intranet homepage?

Key takeaways:

This session discusses the importance of a good intranet vision, needs analysisdeciding on your core audience, a device-agnostic intranet and how a HiFi prototype can do the trick when you need to convince the executive board 

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