Two companies join forces: Challenges and impacts of creating an intranet during a merger

Room: Finland

Wintershall Dea is the European leading independent gas and oil company. The company was created in May 2019 through the merger of two successful traditional German companies: Wintershall Holding GmbH and DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG. Today the company employs around 3,000 people from over 60 nations worldwide – and produces gas and oil in the core regions Europe, Russia, South America, Middle East and North Africa.

A joint intranet for all employees worldwide was a demand for Day 1 of the merged company. How could this be managed within a short period of time, with a legal restriction on collaboration before day 1 and in an environment where a new brand was created in parallel with re-branding all existing communication channels.

– What were the main challenges during the merger for setting up a joint Intranet
– What were important pre-requisites to make it happen on Day
– Which easy quick wins did Beezy offer for the new Intranet
– How to focus on the main steps when changing all communication channels at once
– How to bring a new brand alive on all channels

Adoption and Change Management Collaboration Internal Communication