Using our Social Digital Workspace to turbo boost our mission and fuel growth

Room: Stockholm

Whether it’s a remote, hybrid or on-site team, figuring out how to host their entire people experience in a digital space can b difficult. In this session, we’ll explore how you can embrace technology to amplify your employee value proposition and create a seamless, employee experience that will help to attract, retain and motivate your people. You’ll see behind the scenes of the company on a mission to make the world a better place to work, and how Catrin Lewis uses Reward Gateway’s Engagement Platform to drive engagement, increase trust and produce positive outcomes that support leadership strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • – See how Reward Gateway brings their entire Employee Value Proposition to life through their digital, social workspace
  • – Learn the top tips to elevate engagement with your business strategy and goals
  • – Understand how to build a culture of psychological safety and improved mental health
Adoption and Change Management HR Internal Communications Intranet and Digital Workplace