What is DEX | EX(P) & why should it matter to you?

Main Room

Gerd Leonhard said “We need to go beyond technology & data, to reach human insights & wisdom. Technology represents the HOW of change, the Humans represents the WHY. Microsoft 365 has become the tool of choice for many companies and the migration to cloud services & apps is the logical first step. Sadly, we cannot rely on technology alone to transform and truly evolve. In this session Tracy will cover the following:

  • • The importance of the “digital employee experience” (DEX)
  • • The ROI on training and skills development of employees
  • • The role of organizational culture & change
  • • Microsoft Viva:  A fresh perspective


Insights gathered from attending this session will enable attendees to facilitate the digital transformation in their companies as well as support their newfound digital citizens.


This session will be recorded and made available for the participants in our online community.

DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Microsoft 365 and SharePoint