When collaboration isn’t collaboration: how user journeys optimise digital workplaces

Room: Finland

Many digital workplace teams are tasked to drive adoption of collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams but find it hard with multi-layered use cases, a complex application landscape and a lack of governance.

An added complication is that some teams fail to take a holistic view and fully understand what collaboration really means to their organisation.

In this session, we argue that what is sometimes labelled as “collaboration” is not really collaboration – it’s just plugging the gaps found in core process-led systems such as CRM, Finance and ERP applications.

We look at how mapping digital workplace user journeys provide a far clearer view of how tools are actually being used, allowing you to design and optimise a digital workplace experience that provides value for everybody.

Key takeaways:
– A new way to think about collaboration and the digital workplace
– Thinking points about how to improve adoption and the collaboration landscape
– A practical introduction to using user journeys to optimise how employees experience collaboration and the digital workplace in general

Business Case Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Non-Office 365 and SharePoint