Workshop: How to successfully deliver a digital workplace!

Room: Copenhagen

Change and adoption of new software do not start when the platform is ready to go live. In fact, they start at the very beginning of your journey.

As responsible for successfully delivering the future digital workplace at your company you will need to involve your project team members, even more stakeholders and considerably more employees from various regions, roles and levels.

– But how do you effectively engage large groups of people?
– How do you make every voice heard?
– How do you surface great ideas and give ownership of your digital workplace to your users?

In this workshop, Christoph Schmaltz will run participants through a string of so-called Liberating Structures. These structures will bring to life the collective intelligence of everyone in the room when it comes to successfully delivering the future digital workplace.

Connect, share and learn through fun and engaging ways and at the same time learn new methods for your own change toolbox.

– What are Liberating Structures and why should you use them?
– What are the most common structures and in what situations and contexts could you use them?
– How can Liberating Structures enrich your change and adoption activities around your digital workplace but also any other project?
– What little hacks but also grand ideas do other workshop participants have for successfully implementing the digital workplace?
– Are you stuck with a problem in your digital workplace journey? Gain new perspectives on your problem from other seasoned practitioners and how they would approach it.

Adoption and Change Management DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Internal Communication Intranet and Digital Workplace Non-Office 365 and SharePoint