Workshop – Making search work – the myths and the reality

Room: Executive

No one has ever set out to be a search manager and there are no training courses in the basic principles of search. Search managers learn by a combination of trial and error. Over the years many myths have developed, mostly as the result of vendor marketing. Without knowing ‘how’ and ‘why’ employees search it is not possible to optimize the performance of an intranet or an enterprise search application.

This workshop will separate the myths from the reality to give you a much better understanding of how to get the best from your current search application and be able to judge whether a change in technology will be of value to the organisation.

Among the topics will be

– Thirty myths about enterprise search which mislead search teams
– Why enterprise search is totally different to any other search application
– Are there benefits from AI in enhancing enterprise search?
– Why query click logs can be very misleading
– The challenges of searching for employees and their expertise
– Is federated search using connectors a realistic enterprise solution?
– Managing search in multi-lingual organisations
– Is there a role for chat bots?

This workshop will also help search managers to decide if Microsoft Search can meet the requirements of employees in a fully digital workplace. The answer may be yes, no or maybe, and will be the topic of an extended Q&A session at the end of the workshop with both Martin White and Agnes Molnar.

Non-Office 365 and SharePoint Search and Findability