Workshop: Taxonomy design and creation: Solving findability pain points

Room: Stockholm

Finding documents or information can be a major paint point in intranet use. Taxonomies are key to providing information findability in an intranet, whether through search, browse, or as filters.

To be truly helpful, however, taxonomies need to be well designed to suit the users and use cases and by conforming to taxonomy best practices and standards.

This workshop will present best practices principles in designing taxonomies, including the basics of terms and relationships along with structural design issues, independent of any software or platform. How to take advantage of features and overcoming shortcomings in an intranet platform or ECMS, including SharePoint, will also be addressed.

The workshop will also include practical exercises and demo the use of dedicated taxonomy management software.

Key takeaways

– How taxonomies can enhance search and findability
– What sources to use for developing taxonomy terms and the recommended process
– How to create terms, their synonyms, and relationships, according to best practices
– How to design hierarchies and facets
– How to govern and maintain a taxonomy

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