You have Microsoft | Office 365: What now?

Main Room

Products do not fix problems; people fix problems with products. Now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that your employees are trained and empowered to use the given technology to create holistic work environments.

In this session Tracy will share valuable insights on:

• Preparing your employees for Microsoft 365
• Tips to help change the culture to facilitate and support continuous, lifelong learners
• Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways & SharePoint Success Sites
• Other Microsoft resources to facilitate skills development

Investing in our greatest assets – our employees have a greater ROI than technology alone can deliver. By empowering our employees, we reduce inefficiencies and create happy, productive environments.

This session will be recorded and made available for the participants.

Adoption and Change Management DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Intranet and Digital Workplace Microsoft 365 and SharePoint