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February 20, 2023

Speakers briefing note

Please remember that you are more than welcome to share your discount code whenever you share any posts on your social media regarding your session. 

This note intends to help you with all speaker-related matters. We greatly appreciate having so many excellent speakers this year and saving both your and our time, we advise that you read it carefully. In case of any unanswered questions, please contact Mogens at or Kurt at

Here you will find the information on:

  • Your presentation – when and where

  • What we need from you

  • Anything else


IntraTeam Event is a yearly conference organised by IntraTeam since 2006. We run a similar type of conference in Stockholm together with IntraNätverk.

Networking is a key part of our conferences. Therefore, we hope you will find time to chat with the participants, especially after your presentations and during the breaks.

You are welcome to invite your colleagues. We offer 25% off tickets for them. Write to Mogens at to sign them up or learn about possible options. You should have received a message about this already.

If you are a consultant, we can also offer you a 25% discount code for your clients – if you have not received a code or lost it – write to us.


The Venue 

The conference takes place at Radisson BLU Scandinavia Copenhagen.
Address: Amager Boulevard 70 DK-2300 Copenhagen, Denmark. You can find more info on how to get there here.
Radisson BLU Scandinavia provides paid parking.  

 Social Media

We promote each of our speakers on our social media profiles before the event. We would appreciate it if you could also share it with your followers. You are also welcome to use our banners, posters, and graphics (you can download those below).

Remember to use our conference hashtag “#IntraTeam23”, so we can find your posts.

Remember to add your social profiles to your presentation. They are also visible to attendees on the website:


Your Presentation

Your presentation
Please send your slides, preferably before May 20, to to give us an idea about the content of your presentation. Changes are welcome after this date. After the conference, your presentation will be available in our community.

We will appreciate it if you bring your presentation on a USB stick to the room. The projector resolution is 16:9 and has VGR/HDMI connections. 
Please use a big font size (minimum 28pt) in your presentation. 

Please show screen dumps in full-screen mode. You may prefer to record a tour of your intranet, solution, or feature. But please make the videos short (max two minutes). You can easily create videos on Windows 10 pcs by pressing Windows + G.

Our participants will gain access to all the presentations. If you do not wish to have your presentations published afterwards – let Mogens or Kurt know. 

Radisson BLU Scandinavia provides a technician who can help you set up the presentation if needed. Please be at the conference room 5-10 min before so we can assist you.  Send your presentation to 


If you need us to print anything for your presentation/workshop – send it no later than  May 22.  

Q&A after your session
When there are 5 minutes left of your session, there will be a short Q&A session where the participant has the opportunity to answer some questions. We will raise a sign that says 5 minutes left when there are 5 minutes left of your presentation, and afterwards, the remaining time should be used for the Q&A. 

When and Where is Your Session? 

All the rooms have separate names, such as “Denmark”, “Oslo”, or “Norway”. Soon you will be able to find the room for your session in the programme and at the door of every conference room. Ask the reception about their placement if in doubt.  

Changes to the programme and your room may occur. Make sure you double-check right before the conference dates. 

Our online community 

We have an online community that brings together intranet and digital workplace professionals. We have created a group for all the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2023 attendees. We will post all the presentations there, and that could be a possibility for you to connect with other participants. 

Join the group


Your Checklist – Summary

To sum up all the information, please send us: