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Agnes Molnar
Search Explained (HU)

Helping companies reap the maximum benefits of enterprise search

Agnes is passionate about helping organizations become more productive and efficient so they can succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world.

She has over a decade of experience helping hundreds of companies reap the maximum benefits of enterprise search using Microsoft technologies (SharePoint and Office 365). In addition to planning and implementing an internal search strategy, you can count on her to educate you and your team on how to take full advantage of it.

Agnes is a founding member of The Search Network, a global community of independent search professionals.
She a degree in computer science and have been awarded a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft every year since 2008. She is also a Microsoft Regional Director.

Knowledge Management and Project “Cortex” in Office 365 – A practical overview

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Content Services is a core offering for Microsoft in Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint. It is the “next wave of ECM”, always people-centric, supporting organizational knowledge management information lifecycle, record retention, etc. by various new, modern features. Project “Cortex” takes this vision to a next level: with its advanced functionality creating your organization’s knowledge network […]

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Search Applications in Microsoft 365 – When, why and how?

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Microsoft Search is the out-of-the-box search experience in Microsoft 365, and want it or not: used by everyone in your organization. However, too often users are (still not) satisfied: relevant documents cannot be found, irrelevant results are being displayed, custom metadata is not taken in to account, and more. This is when the PnP Modern […]

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Search and Findability