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Alexander Kluge,
Kluge Consulting


Alexander Kluge is a serial entrepreneur, management and IT consultant and of course a Social Business / Enterprise 2.0 enthusiast. He helps customers working smarter with collaboration technologies since more than 20 years. He studied economics, management and organizational development. Since then he works at the intersection of technology, people, culture and business processes and helps customers developing the right strategy to master the digital and social transformation of the enterprise.

Round Table Discussions

Dealing with barriers – How to overcome obstacles on the way to open and transparent collaboration in the ESN

Room: Iceland

“No time for chat, I have to work” “My colleagues can read my comments? Only over my dead body” ”This is only for digital natives, I do serious work” You will hear these arguments when trying to convince your colleagues to work out loud, share work and stop sending emails. In our session we want […]

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