Allan Bau Madsen,
The LEGO Group (DK)

Tech for Internal Communication as Product Manager / Engineering Lead

I’m an Expert Product Owner with special attention on empowering the future of Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

Owning all customizations on top of the LEGO Office 365 Tenant including the LEGO Intranet, extranet and 60 other Office 365 and SharePoint Online based Products.

With a .Net and SharePoint developer, consultant, architect and IT project manager background, I know what it takes to realize the Digital Workplace and to focus on human experience to ensure success.

Factory App at The LEGO Group

Generel Room

Allan and The LEGO Group won the IntraTeamPrize in 2020, and Allan will talk about: – Using Microsoft Teams App – Localized News Sites – Local editors for production workers   Key takeaways:  – How to use Microsoft Teams for blue collar workers – Personalization of news – DEX for blue collar workers

Adoption and Change Management DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Internal Communications Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Q&A with the speaker or time for a break