Anna Kravets, <br>ANROM Social Business (PT) <br/>

Anna Kravets,
ANROM Social Business (PT)


A digital-employee-experience-practitioner since the times when the term ”DEX” didn’t even exist. It was called human-machine interaction back then 🙂

Implemented Digital Workplace for 278K employees around the world while saving more than 180M US dollars on their productivity.

Passionate about Digital Humanism, UI/UX, Gamification, Analytics & ROI (as you have probably noticed).

Software Engineer, who could have become Historian or Fashion Designer and did become Entrepreneir and Business Executive.

Mother of 3 boys and 10 software developers (the size of ANROM’s development team).

How intranet empowers employees in times of Apocalypse. Antifragile Vodafone Ukraine

Generel Room

Vodafone Ukraine’s current Intranet (PROSTOR) exists since 2014.  It has it all: high user adoption, positive business impact and word-wide recognition. But its higher mission turned out to be in powering antifragility of the company and its employees Ukraine-wide. In this presentation, you will learn how exactly Intranet may be a supporting force for the […]

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