Cai Kjaer, <br> SWOOP Analytics (AU) <br/>

Cai Kjaer,
SWOOP Analytics (AU)


I am the Co-Founder/CEO of SWOOP Analytics. SWOOP is a leading enterprise collaboration and communication analytics platform that uses data from Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer and Workplace from Meta to help organisations and their people to become better communicators and collaborators.

In addition to helping our customers become collaboration stars, we analyse large amounts of data and publish general findings in our annual benchmarking reports for Yammer, Teams and M365. We celebrate outstanding collaborative performance through our SWOOP Collaboration Awards and publish case studies to shine a bright light on those doing a brilliant job. Our reports help our customers and everyone to become better collaborators.

Round table – The top digital collaboration habits of highly productive teams

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The world has changed, but for many people, their online collaboration styles are lagging. This means they are caught up in endless email chains and constant interruptions by chat and back-to-back meetings. In this session, we explore how highly productive teams have found a different way to get work done without relying on email, chat […]

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