Cai Kjaer, <br> SWOOP Analytics (AUS) </br>

Cai Kjaer,
SWOOP Analytics (AUS)

Chief Executive Officer

Cai Kjaer is the co-founder/CEO of SWOOP Analytics. SWOOP is a leading enterprise social network analytics platform that uses data from Microsoft Yammer and Workplace by Facebook to help organisations and their people to become better collaborators. SWOOP also collaborates with leading universities such as Stanford, Sydney University and Griffith University to ensure that metrics are evidence-based and valid.

With more 130 organisations participating SWOOP also runs the world’s largest independent benchmarking study of Yammer and Workplace which provides for a very deep understanding of how people collaborate, and how to make them better and faster.

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Room: Iceland

Cross-company collaboration and direct communication between senior leaders and the frontline are two of the most cited reasons for implementing enterprise social networks. Active use by your senior leadership team is one of the tell-tale signs of organisations who achieve the most success. But how do you get them to do it? Cai Kjaer is […]

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