Charlie Hull, <br> Flax (UK) </br>

Charlie Hull,
Flax (UK)

Managing Director

Charlie Hull co-founded and runs Flax, the UK’s leading search engine specialists. Charlie regularly writes and speaks on search-related topics and runs the London Lucene/Solr Meetup and Haystack Europe conference on search relevance. Charlie is the co-author of Searching the Enterprise (Now Publishers, 2017) and a founder member of The Search Network, an international group of independent search experts who published the book Search Insights 2018.

Keeping Search relevant in a digital workplace

Room: Finland

Getting search right and producing real, relevant results for your users isn’t just a technical problem – it requires a collaborative approach from all areas of the business. Charlie will outline a new approach to search improvement: test-driven relevance tuning, that Flax have used on several client projects, and present some practical steps towards creating […]

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