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Chris Tubb
Spark Trajectory (UK)

Works with large organisations on strategy, governance and measurement

Chris Tubb is a Digital Workplace and Intranet Consultant who works with large organisations on strategy, governance and measurement. Chris recently co-founded an intranet and digital workplace training company Spark Trajectory with Steve Bynghall. Chris is based in Brighton, on the South coast of the UK.

Workshop: The skills you need for your intranet and digital workplace: management and governance

Room: Executive

Creating, managing and improving an intranet or digital workplace requires a huge variety of skills that borrow from different disciplines. Teams need skills to deliver effective user experience, communications, content, IT management and also then how do you deliver measurement and improvement or establish governance for your platform? Because of the range of cross-disciplinary skills […]

DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Governance Intranet and Digital Workplace Non-Office 365 and SharePoint

When collaboration isn’t collaboration: how user journeys optimise digital workplaces

Room: Finland

Many digital workplace teams are tasked to drive adoption of collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams but find it hard with multi-layered use cases, a complex application landscape and a lack of governance. An added complication is that some teams fail to take a holistic view and fully understand what collaboration really means to their […]

Business Case Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Non-Office 365 and SharePoint