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Chris Tubb,
Spark Trajectory (UK)


Chris Tubb is an independent intranet and digital workplace consultant specialising in digital strategy, governance, measurement, digital employee experience and intranet and digital workplace management. He has worked with dozens of large organisations all over the world to formulate strategy and implement governance. He co-founded Spark Trajectory with Steve Bynghall, a consulting company focused on improving the performance of intranet and digital workplace teams using innovative models and techniques. He is based in Brighton, UK.

Search isn’t working (and how to fix it without any budget)

Within enterprises we keep getting more and more to find but intranet and digital workplace teams never seem to be able to get the resources to make things findable. This means we need to prioritise our efforts and focus on what employees really need. In this talk I’ll explore the fundamentals of findability and you’ll […]

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