Christiaan W. Lustig (NL)

Christiaan W. Lustig (NL)

Independent consultant

Christiaan W. Lustig supports organisations with their internal digital communications, services, and collaboration, digital employee experience, digital workplace, and hybrid working efforts.
He has worked on 40+ digital workplaces for a combined total of over 250,000 employees, for organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium, including Landal GreenParks, NATO, the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, and the universities of Rotterdam and Utrecht.
Christiaan has contributed to award-winning digital workplaces, including winners of the 2022 Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Award, and the 2018 Digital Impact Best Intranet Award.
He is the co-author of ‘Digital Employee Experience: Put Employees First Towards a More Human Digital Workplace’, the world’s first book on this topic and “a leading work” (dixit James Robertson).

Digital workplace adoption: less push, more pull

Generel Room

If your digital workplace adoption is proving difficult, you’ve implemented the wrong solution! This is the cat that Christiaan Lustig likes to throw among the pigeons. In this session he will dive into how you can tackle user adoption in a different way. Not by forcing a solution onto employees (push), but by implementing the […]

Adoption and Change Management DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Intranet and Digital Workplace

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