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Christoph Schmaltz,
thinknext (DE)

Helps companies become networked, agile and innovative

Christoph Schmaltz is Founder and Director of thinknext. Although still feeling young, he has witnessed the rise of Enterprise 2.0, Social Business and now the Digital Workplace when working as a consultant with companies across different industries first at Headshift/Dachis Group in London, later as an independent consultant.   

He is passionate about how companies can become more networked, agile and innovative and exploring ways how they can rethink their organizational structure and culture, business model, products and services to successfully adapt to the digital age 

Christoph studied International Information Management in Germany, which allowed him to combine his interest for intercultural communication and human-computer interaction. 

Workshop: How to successfully deliver a digital workplace!

Room: Copenhagen

Change and adoption of new software do not start when the platform is ready to go live. In fact, they start at the very beginning of your journey. As responsible for successfully delivering the future digital workplace at your company you will need to involve your project team members, even more stakeholders and considerably more […]

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