Dayle Collins, </br>PwC

Dayle Collins,

Product Lead - Intranet, Enterprise Search and G-Suite Measurement

Dayle has over 16 years experience in the application of information and knowledge management processes and technologies to simplify business and improve productivity.  Dayle currently works at PwC in London leading a number of technology projects.  Two of what are the UK Portal and Enterprise Search application.

Prior to joining PwC in 2010, Dayle has worked at a number of large organisations including Ernst & Young, Accenture, Airbus and BAE SYSTEMS doing everything from leading knowledge management for a global insurance practice of 6,500 people to researching autonomous robots.

What is relevant? Helping people find the one

Room: Oslo

Over the last few years PwC have worked hard to improve their enterprise search engine.  By understanding what’s important to people, and by ruthlessly focusing on what’s “relevant”, they’ve taken their search engine from 20,000 to nearly 120,000 searches a month.  In this session Dayle Collins will share his journey and show the result.   […]


Because no one complains they can’t find an app in the App Store – Rethinking the PwC intranet

Room: Denmark

PwC is a large organization and delivers a wide range of services. To do this, its people have access to well over 300 different desktop tools that help them do everything from book a meeting room to deliver a client engagement.  Four years ago, PwC looked to the humble App Store as a way to […]

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