Den Carter<BR>British Airways(UK)<br/>

Den Carter
British Airways(UK)

Internal communications and employee engagement specialist

Den is internal communications and employee engagement specialist at British Airways and a specialist in:

– internal communications
– employee engagement/advocacy
– social responsibility
– transformation and change
– thought leadership
– digitisation
– event management
– measuring true employee advocacy

Video from IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017, when Den worked for Virgin Trains

Den Carter, Virgin Trains – IntraTeam Event 2017

Internal communication during Covid-19 at British Airways

Main Room

Den Carter is head of colleague communications and culture content and channels at British Airways. 80% of these use iPhone or Android devices to access the digital workplace. Den doesn’t think that intranets are cool. He has merged three intranets into a Unily-powered mobile hub, and, although the pandemic has slowed progress, he’s working on […]

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