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Elizabeth Marsh,
Digital Work Research (UK)


Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Digital Work Research (www.digitalworkresearch.com) is a digital workplace researcher/ consultant focusing on digital skills and digital well-being at work. She has over 20 years of experience in the intranet and digital workplace industry, working with various private and public sector organisations. She has researched and/or managed numerous research projects relating to digital workplace strategy, digital skills, the future of work, digital leadership, digital overload and more. She is undertaking part-time doctoral research at the University of Not-tingham on technostress and mindfulness.

Round table: Is your workforce AI-ready?

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With at least a third of employees not confident using AI interfaces at work and many more unaware of security risks, organisations need to support AI literacy skills in the workforce. Yet, as few as 2 in 10 may have training in place or coming soon. Along with the lack of leadership communication of expectations […]

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