Ernst Decsey, <br> UNICEF (CH) <br/>

Ernst Decsey,

Digital workplace Specialist

Ernst DĂ©csey has over 20 years of experience leading and completely rethinking intranets and digital workplace solutions for international organisations with a significant focus on user experience.
Ernst has successfully lead the redevelopment of UNICEF private sector intranet over the past 2 years while putting in place the necessary digital workplace solutions to enable staff to deliver their work in the new hybrid reality.
Defining himself as a gig mindsetter, he is active on Twitter where he shares his passion for the digital workplace, is an active participant in international expert networks on intranet and digital workplace and loves paddling on Geneva lake during the summer.

Improving DEX @ UNICEF PFP

Ernst will present how the Division supporting Private Sector at UNICEF embraces DEX, with a focus on the approach taken to redevelop the UNICEF private sector intranet using microsites and topic pages that aggregate together on single pages, based on tags, all information about an area of work. Key takeaways – How the Division supporting […]